Sweet BBQ Baked Chicken

Sweet BBQ Baked Chicken

When I was in my first year of university I used to cook for my housemates all the time. One of my favourites was baked barbeque chicken – it was easy to do, fairly cheap, everyone loved it and it required ingredients that we always had on hand.

Maybe it was because I was a struggling student but I loved to eat this with fusilli pasta and sweetcorn. Now I’m a working professional I normally serve this with homemade coleslaw and baked macaroni & cheese pie :). It’s usually a mid-week favourite in my house and although not the healthiest dish, it is easy to make in large batches if you like to meal prep.

  • Cooking time: 55-60 mins
  • Prep time: 2 minutes (if that!)
  • Serves: 2-4


  • 8 pieces of chicken (4x thigh/4x leg)
  • 1 cup brown sugar
  • 1 cup tomato ketchup (preferably Heinz)
  • 1 tbsp garlic powder
  • 2 tsp mixed herbs
  • 1 tbsp sea salt or to taste
  • 1 tsp ground black pepper
  • ½ tsp ginger powder
  • 1 tsp paprika
  • 1 tbsp Lea & Perrins (Worcestershire Sauce)
  • 1 tsp Sarson’s gravy browning


  1. Start by preheating your oven to 180°C
  2. Put your chicken in a seasoning bowl and add the sugar, ketchup, garlic powder, mixed herbs, salt, black pepper, ginger powder, paprika, Lea & Perrins and gravy browning.
  3. Mix well ensuring there are no clumps or lumps of seasoning.
  4. Place the chicken into a baking tray and pour any sauce from the bowl on top.
  5. Cover with foil and place the chicken into the oven for approx. 30 minutes.
  6. After 30 minutes remove the chicken from the oven and pour as much of the juices as you can into a sauce pan.
  7. Place the chicken back into the oven – uncovered- for another 15-20 minutes.
  8. In the meantime place the saucepan on a high heat and bring to a boil. Once boiling turn it down to a low heat and leave to reduce for about 10 minutes.

  1. After 15-20 minutes remove the chicken from the oven and pour the sauce over the chicken.
  2. Use a brush to baste the chicken, ensuring that all the pieces are covered.
  3. Turn the oven up to a high heat (about 200°C) and place the chicken in the oven uncovered for 8-10 mins to ‘caramelise’
  4. Remove the chicken from the oven and leave to rest for 5 minutes.

  1. Serve with a side of your choice! 🙂 (I usually go with macaroni pie & coleslaw)

I highly recommend that you use the Sarson’s gravy browning as some brands can give your dishes a bitter taste (and we wouldn’t want that would we!). Don’t be overzealous with the browning as it is very easy to turn your chicken black and it will look burnt, even if it isn’t. This has actually happened to me hahaha. This ingredient is optional though, but without it your chicken will have a red colour instead of the traditional dark brown barbeque colour.

I also think everyone should use Heinz ketchup only. I’ve tried cheaper brands and I find them a bit tart and bitter. If you do have to use an alternative brand that is a bit sharp you may need to add some more sugar than I’ve stated to balance out that taste.

Enjoy! 🙂 x


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