Coconut & Vanilla Snowconut

I’m not sure if it’s old age, yo yo dieting in my younger years or the positive effects of healthier eating but I have developed a few intolerances in the last few years, one being dairy, particularly when it comes to cows milk. I’m always on the lookout for alternatives to things such as ice cream, yoghurts and fancy desserts and my mum is such a sweetheart that she also keeps an eye out for me too 😀

When I returned from America, she had a little present waiting for me in the freezer that she had stumbled across in our local Tesco; The Coconut Collaborative. It is a frozen yoghurt made with coconut milk which is gluten, soya and dairy free (#winning) and is an amazing alternative dessert for those like me who actually have an intolerance for both! It’s available in 4 flavours; raspberry, mango, vanilla and chocolate. My fave is vanilla 🙂

I’ve been obsessed with it since I came back and love to eat it with a piece of vanilla sponge, fruits, or on its own.

My favourite combo is kind of a summer time Caribbean inspired dessert featuring the vanilla flavour, that is also like a palette cleanser or perfect as a snack on a hot day. Mangoes, lime and coconut are a great combination and a bit of nutmeg always adds a little bit of depth to the flavour.

Whether you have any intolerances like me or you’re simply into frozen yoghurt and coconut milk you should defo give it a try and see if you love it as much as I do.

Try it with pineapples, berries or even bananas or be daring and make a smoothie!

The Coconut Collaborative is available in Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose for £4.00 a carton (get two just in case you love it like me!)

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