Cornmeal PorridgeThe perfect alternative to oats, cornmeal porridge is a rich and creamy breakfast favorite in Jamaica that is particularly popular with children and babies.
Brown Stew ChickenA Sunday dinner staple that pairs perfectly with rice and peas. Chicken pieces seasoned with traditional herbs and spices and braised with chopped vegetables in a rich gravy.
Rice & PeasOne of Jamaica's strongest connections to its Ghanaian roots; rice cooked with red kidney beans, coconut cream, herbs and spices in a flavourful broth.
Oxtail & Butter BeansMeaty oxtails slow cooked in garlic, ginger, pimento and fresh thyme until tender and finished with a molasses for a rich, hearty stew.
Homemade Jerk SeasoningThe perfect marinade for all types of meat, fish and vegetables using a mixture of fresh and dried ingredients blended to add a sweet and spicy kick to your dish.
Jerk Spiced Turkey Breast Roll w/ Plantain StuffingAn alternative festive season centre piece using the turkey breast crown, marinated in the rich flavours of Jamaican jerk seasoning and stuffed with the delicious flavour of fried plantain and herby breadcrumbs with a sweet orange and maple syrup glaze.
Tropical Rum PunchThe ultimate party cocktail for every occasion, guaranteed to get the good vibes going!