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I met my close friend Melanie at uni; in fact she’s one of only two friends I made during my time at university as an undergraduate (I’m not very good at making friends 🙁 ). We’ve experienced so many things together, from heartbreak to the struggle of university to studying abroad, working abroad, trying to lose weight and becoming women. One of our many obsessions we used to share was restaurant deals. We had discovered BookaTable in our 3rd year of uni and every day we would talk about what restaurants and deals we wanted to experience.

I recently found a great deal on my Facebook for a 3 course meal at Harvey Nichols for £22pp and thought it would be a great opportunity to catch up (we talk all the time mind you)

The 5th floor cafe at Harvey Nick’s has a very simple and clean look, so it was nice to go to after work when we weren’t feeling too dressed up and fancy. As you know I love an open kitchen, so that enhanced the ambience for me as I love the sound of pots and pans and food being cooked.

On the website it did state that the menu was subject to change and unfortunately it did change slightly by the time we visited. I had already planned what I was going to eat because whenever I don’t, I end up feeling overwhelmed and order the wrong thing and I really don’t know why. I decided to go for the pickled herring for starter, oven baked cod for my main and pavlova for dessert. Our meal was served with a mojito champagne cocktail which was not really to my taste as the champagne was a bit too strong for me and I prefer a normal mojito (which is actually my favourite cocktail).

The pickled herring was an absolute disaster! I have never had it before and I didn’t realise what I was ordering. It looked great but it just wasn’t for me as the fish had a raw texture and I just couldn’t do it. The manager was an absolute star though and offered to change it for me, at no extra cost! My second choice was the pastrami salad which was absolutely amazing. It was a light and simple salad but full of flavour.

My main was perfect. The manager joked that he had just gone out to catch the fish himself but it literally tasted so fresh I almost believed him. We decided to order a side of hand cut chips and I think they were some of the best chips I’ve ordered in a restaurant. They literally tasted home made – chunky, slightly crisp on the outside but fluffy on the inside and arrived at the table piping hot. Perfect.

The pavlova was served with a berry sorbet which I actually preferred as I found the meringue a little bit too light and not crunchy enough. It still tasted good and gave a nice end to the meal.

The deal was only available until August 31st (this post is late, I know), but I would return to the 5th floor cafe if I was ever in Knightsbridge and feeling peckish.

Harvey Nichols Fifth Floor Bar

109-125 Knightsbridge, London SW1X 7RJ

020 7235 5250


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