London Street Feast

I don’t know the amount of times I’ve heard people complain about how crap they think London is or how there’s “nothing to do”. This could not be further from the truth and I often find myself struggling to find the time (or the funds) to do everything I want to.

Time Out and Facebook are currently my two favourite sources for fun things to do on the weekend. You might not think so but a lot of people will like event pages or show interest in an event that I have never heard of on Facebook and it pops up in my newsfeed. Then I can send screenshots and links to my friends on Whatsapp and look like the cool friend that always has a plan B (hehehehehehe)

Street Feast was one of those random events that had happened to fall into my Facebook newsfeed and I nearly crashed my car (figuratively speaking) when I saw it. A street food festival in London that serves lobster Mac and Cheese, Tacos, cocktails and all types of delectable (potentially fattening) treats? I had to go and I was prepared to go alone!

Luckily, I did not have to go alone as my lovely cousin came with me to the Daltson Yard branch. Street Fest actually has 4 locations around London – Dalston Yard, Dinerama, Hawker House & Model Market – and I have every intention of visiting them all. However, we decided to start with Dalston Yard as they seemed to have the most variety and apparently it’s the best one!

We arrived around 5.30/6pm (it’s free entry before 7pm) and I hadn’t eaten all day so I had plans to chow right down. The vibe was really chill and most people were relaxing at one of the communal tables or in the designated bar areas.  Dalston Yard is like an enclosed outdoor space so the hot weather really illuminated the venue and made it feel like a rustic paradise.

Anyway, enough of the rambling because all we really care about is the food! I started out with a strawberry lemonade from the Rum Shack & after a quick browse around the entire festival decided to try out some Tajadas from a Venezuelan inspired vendor – unfortunately I forgot the name. I’m from the Caribbean so plantain is like a staple in my diet but I’ve never had it with “cheddar and hot avocado and coriander sauce” before. It sounded so weird to me though that I had to try it. The verdict? Ummm… I liked it but the plantain wasn’t ripe so the sweetness of it wasn’t there and I think it let the dish down just a tad.


At this point I was actually satisfied :/ but I didn’t travel this far just for Tajadas. We popped over to B.O.B.’s Lobster (which was probably one the priciest stands there) for some lobster mac & cheese and fried calamari. I had the calamari and it was absolutely amazing. I eat calamari often but this was definitely some of the best I’ve had – I even had to call my brother to share the experience! I did steal a bit of my cousin’s mac and cheese and it was cute… but I think the one they serve at Big Easy is way better.

I picked up a baja fish taco from Breddos’s Tacos as I was getting really full at this point and also managed to squeeze in a chicken tikka flat bread from Rola Wala. I’m not going to lie, I’m not really a fan of Indian food (I don’t think I’ve been going to the right places) but this stuff was AMAZING and if I had the capacity I would have had more.

As much as I love food I don’t like to over eat so to end the evening we bought some raspberry pavlovas from The Meringue Girls. The meringue was perfect, crunchy, chewy but soft and not sickly sweet. I think it’s one of the best pavlovas I’ve ever had.

All together I think I spent about £38 on food and drinks (including an alcoholic cocktail) which sounds a bit steep but my cousin and I weren’t willing to share as we wanted different things. I do think it was worth it as all the portions were generous and I really could have stopped after the calamari (but why would I do that?). There is so much choice that it can be a bit overwhelming and you will probably leave feeling like you’ve missed out on something.

I have every intention of going back to Street Feast and definitely plan to check out the other locations. I loved the quality of the vendors and the wide variety of choices, and I think it’s great to do with friends, your partner or even to go on a date.

Street Feast is on until October 1st 2016


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