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I love brunch. I’m always trying to find time (and company) to go to brunch. I love how it sounds – “I’m going for brunch”, but I also love brunch food. Eggs Benedict, French toast, omelettes, hashes. Oh gosh I just love brunch.

I think Facebook suggested Percy & Founders to me; God only knows what I had been looking at on the internet. So when I checked out their website and I saw that they did brunch I had to sneak a peek at the menu. To be completely honest their menu didn’t really draw me in as it wasn’t much different from other contemporary British restaurants. They have the usual classics and the menu is concise and simple. I did spot a couple of dishes on the a la carte menu that tickled my fancy so I do plan to book a table for dinner one evening.  However the cleanliness and simplicity they displayed in their website and even the logo made me interested to find out more about the dining experience they offered.

I decided to go with my mum and cousin as they too are brunch people. Bottom line – i loved it! From to decor to the service to the ladies toilet I really enjoyed my experience.

Percy and founders is a “pub, dining room and bar” tucked away in Fitrovia, about a 10 minute walk from Oxford circus station. I don’t think you could find it if you didn’t know about it, but it is a huge restaurant and seemed quite popular at brunch time. They’re open from 9am at the weekends as they do serve actual breakfast, but brunch is served from 12pm-4pm.

They also have an al fresco area that is nicely shaded and will be great in the summer time but as winter is fast approaching, we decided to sit inside. Of course, you already know they had an open kitchen which I was absolutely loving. This restaurant was a bit fancy and the chef’s looked and operated in such in a professional manner it was like watching a movie.

Anywho, the food was amazing! Everything tasted super fresh and high quality and I literally can’t wait to go back. I ordered the smoked salmon omelette with sautéed spinach and we all shared the French toast and fruit salad with toasted coconut. The omelette was made with a generous amount of salmon and the French toast was one of a kind – I don’t know what they used but it definitely wasn’t brioche bread and I’ve never had French toast like it. A good sautéed spinach is actually hard to come by and I think this was the second best that I’ve tasted (1st place goes to a restaurant in Brooklyn, NY)

I was completely sold on Percy and Founders when I tried the apple and ginger mockito. MY GOODNESS. I actually think it’s one the best “mojitos” I’ve ever had in my whole life – and it was non alcoholic. I don’t know what they did & how they did it but I didn’t even notice that the alcohol was missing. Even my cousin agreed, it was absolutely divine. I also tried the carrot, apple and ginger fresh juice which was very refreshing but a little bit filling so I wouldn’t order it with a meal again.

I have to add that the ladies toilet was beautiful – clean, well designed and spacious (with lots of mirrors). I recommend the life out of Percy & Founders for brunch and I will definitely be returning as soon as I find some new friends who appreciate a bit of brunch on a Saturday morning.

We decided to split the bill so it came to about £28 pp (inc service charge) which is actually what I would have paid if we had calculated it exactly.

Do you love brunch as much as me? If so what’s your favourite dish to order? Let me know by leaving a comment below 🙂

Percy & Founders

1 Pearson Square, London W1W 7EY

020 3761 0200


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