SEVEN – Juices & Soups To Feel Good (E-Book)


Plant Based & Gluten Free

7 Juices

7 Soups

7 Garnishes

7 Short Poems

This book has over 60 pages, 30+ beautiful images and packed with information. Includes an overview of juices and soups, how to make your own stock at home and a British based seasonality calendar for more intentional shopping.

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“This book stands as a testimony to Malaika’s affinity to food. Not only does she love eating, but has a natural appreciation to create innovative recipes that can be used to nourish and enrich the body.

“Seven” provides food to enjoy on numerous levels.The juices and soups are life sustaining foods, which are vibrant, textured and appealing. Each element invites everyone to partake in a humble feast with her.

Malaika has had a longstanding interest in food and her presence on social media has provided a catalyst for her to express her creativity and reach a wider audience. This has inspired her to bring into being her first book “Seven” which is presented with love and articulated thorough her artistic heartfelt and thoughtful words.

Whether you are a lover of food, curious or keen to develop and feed your spiritual, emotional and social being, this book is for you. Read and digest the content and you will never regret it.”

Duchess Asha



  1. Shan Nevaeh

    Seven…The concept, information, the pictures, this ebook is must for 2021!
    I can’t stress this enough, I absolutely love it can’t wait for more to come!

  2. Claire

    I’ve purchased my copy and firstly I am just in love with the imagery! Each and every recipe looks tantalizing-I can’t wait to try – I’m tempted to make all of the recipes in one day but I’m going to try and pace myself!!!

    The recipes look exciting and are not your average recipes but neither are any ingredients to difficult to get a hold of

    The poems are a lovely touch and for anyone embarking on juicing and soups for the first time it’s a nice way to put you in the right mind frame and to motivate you through the journey.

    The book also has a nice personal touch as the author gives insight to her inspiration and the impact that these recipes have had on her body & mind.

    I followed quite a few of the authors recipes from her Instagram and they always taste great so I have no doubt that these will be just as amazing.

    I’m enjoying so far, can’t wait to try the recipes and will definitely purchase if the paperback/hardback cover is released!

  3. Ernestina (verified owner)

    I honestly love this ebook, first of all the pictures look really lovely and bring the soups to life!!

    You can tell that a lot of thought about the experience for the user has been considered as this recipe book is really simple and easy to follow! I also love the poems throughout the book which shows that Malaika is a real lover of food.

    I cannot wait to try all the recipes as everything looks delicious and absolutely love the referencing section for further research.

    I really hope that we can purchase this as a hardback recipe book one day! But for now I would definitely recommend this ebook.

    • Malaika (verified owner)

      Thank you! X 🙂

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