Turtle Bay

The past 3 weekends have been so busy for me that I’ve started to feel like such a socialite hehehehe. The only downside to that is the lack of sleep that comes with it and I’m almost starting to feel like a zombie.

My sister friend and I have been trying to meet up since my birthday so she can treat me like the queen I am 🙂 but crazy things kept getting in the way. This weekend however, we decided enough was enough and by force we would complete this dinner date. We ended up at Turtle Bay in Walthamstow and although it wasn’t our original choice, I did have a really nice time. Turtle Bay is what I would describe as Caribbean inspired as they recreate dishes from across the Caribbean diaspora and don’t focus on one island. Also, as tasty as some of the recreations are, I wouldn’t necessarily say they are authentic so “Caribbean inspired” helps to keep expectations realistic.

The vibe in Turtle bay is really relaxed and chilled; I guess in an effort to recreate that cool Caribbean vibe. There’s an open kitchen which is always nice because I like to watch how chefs work and also I’m a kitchen hawk and I just love watching the food go out hahahaha.

They have 2-4-1 happy hour all day, everyday  (excluding 7pm-10pm)  on all cocktails which for me is always a winner. Unfortunately there was a breakdown in communication and we ended up getting 8 cocktails between 2 people :/. Honestly I could not finish them all as my tolerance for alcohol is extremely low but I did try my best! I decided to try the One Love (loved it!) and Caribbean Pimms (yeah but no on this one, didn’t fancy it). My girl also let me try her Beachcomber Zombie which was really good and I actually wished I had ordered this instead. Ugh.

As I was going out to two birthday parties that evening I didn’t want to purchase a full meal because I was trying to keep my stomach relatively flat hehehehe. So basically I decided to get the jerk chicken wings, sweet corn fritters (out of interest) and the Bridgetown doubles; in hindsight this was actually counterproductive and was basically a full meal. This combination had me feeling like I was on a Caribbean cruise between Jamaica and Trinidad

The chicken wings were nice; I’m not too sure about the actual jerk seasoning to be honest, it definitely wasn’t the best but it did have a good flavour and the wings weren’t too spicy. I found the corn fritters a little bit underwhelming as the ratio of sweetcorn to batter was slightly skewed which kind of made the taste of the corn get lost. It’s not necessarily that it didn’t taste nice, I just wouldn’t order them again. The doubles I definitely didn’t care for as I found the rotis too heavy and I wasn’t a fan of the curried chick peas topping. I kind of wished I had gone for the calamari but it’s not everyday!

I didn’t actually pay for my meal but what I did order would have come to £29.20 which is not bad for 3 starters and 4 cocktails!

All in all, Turtle bay was cool and since the food was fairly decent and they have that amazing happy hour deal, I would definitely go back for maybe a light lunch or a girlie link up. If I’m looking for some authentic Caribbean food this wouldn’t make the list of choices but if I’m ever feeling exotic and on a budget I would defo think about it. They literally have multiple locations around the UK so check out the website for your nearest one and give it a try!

Turtle Bay

269 High St, London E17 7FD

020 8520 7839


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